Saturday, November 4, 2017

Here Goes Nothing

My gym is hosting an indoor triathlon in January. 10 minute pool swim. 30 minute spin bike ride. 20 minute treadmill run.

And I just signed up. *gulp* Let the training begin!

Sunday, October 22, 2017


I saw this photo today and it struck a nerve with me. 2017 has probably been the hardest year of my life and I've been ready to write off this year entirely. But I've got two and a half months left to turn things around.

The year started off with so much promise. DH and I made an offer on a house and closed in February.

And then my mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer.
And my dad had a major stroke and passed away.
And now my dog has cancer.

I've also been spending about two hours a day in the car commuting to a job that I'm not crazy about. And as a result of the stress and the commuting and the grief, I've gained about 20 lbs.

But all is not lost. I started doing Pilates a few weeks ago. I've swam a few times. I've been on my spin bike a few times.  I've been eating better and making sleep a priority. And I'm starting to feel like myself again.

So I'm going to make the last quarter of 2017 the best quarter of the year.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

On Happiness

I've sat down to write so many times but don't want to come off as negative. This year has been HARD.  I just haven't felt much like myself this past year. I will write about it eventually but not today.

So instead I will share this. Today, DH and I played golf. We've probably only played a half dozen times since we moved here. In California we played an average of twice a month, so it's something that I have really missed.

We used to play the same 3 or 4 courses regularly, and we'd throw in a different one every once in a while just to mix things up. We have yet to find one that we both like enough to play regularly. Until today.

Today was everything I've missed about golf. A course with a driving range, a nice putting practice area, and close to home. The fairways were beautiful, the greens very well kept. It was a beautiful day - if a bit hot at 90 degrees. But DH and I both agreed after three holes that this could be our new "regular" course.

I played well and thoroughly enjoyed the day. And I am so happy and grateful. I think I might have found a little bit of my old self out there on that course.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Starting Over

I joined a new gym this month - one that has an outdoor pool. Hurray for outdoor swimming!

I just joined last week and went and swam twice. I plan on going three times this week - probably two swims and one different workout.

I'm gradually easing my way back into things. At this point, I am honestly starting over like a beginner exerciser. Because when you go months without doing a single workout - or maybe just one workout that month -  and those months turn into a year, you really are a beginner.  And I'm fine with that. I'd rather workout three times a week than not at all. There will be no triathlons for me this summer. I just don't think I could get myself race ready.

There are a lot of reasons why I haven't exercised very much over the past year - some very recent. But I'll go into that later.

For now I'm just happy that I want to exercise again. I'm looking forward to seeing progress - because the gains are always great in the beginning.