Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hotel Living

I have so much to write about my cross country road trip, but things have been incredibly hectic since we arrived in Philadelphia.

Our second to last day of the trip was a drive from Cleveland to Harrisburg. It wasn't a lot of miles but it was a long drive because of the weather. We were very fortunate to have no rain all the way across the country until this point. But that day we got caught in an incredible storm. It rained nonstop for at least three hours of the drive. At points it was so bad that everyone was driving on the highway about 30 mph with their blinkers on. I was terrified and wanted to pull over, but Dan wanted to push through. Luckily we arrived in Harrisburg safely and the rain stopped that night.

What we didn't know was that while we were driving through that rain, that rain was driving through our rental house. We arrived in Philly the following day and were supposed to meet the landlord to get the keys to the rental house so we could start moving in the next day. When I called him, he said he was at the rental house. He had gone by to make sure everything was good for us to move in. Well, it wasn't. It really, really wasn't.

It turns out that the roof drain got clogged by debris. Water collected on the roof. And when I say water collected, it could have been up to three feet of water because that's how high the ledges are. Anyway, the ceiling in the master bedroom partially caved in. Drywall and wet insulation came down. Water poured into the bedroom, down the hall, and rained down into the living room.

Needless to say, we couldn't move in the next day. We were lucky that we were able to move our belongings in that week since it was already scheduled. All of our furniture is stacked in the spare bedrooms and the kitchen. All of our boxes are in the basement and garage. But because the entire downstairs - aside from the kitchen - is hardwood floors, there was no way we could live there. All of the flooring had to come out.

So after two and a half weeks on the road staying at various VRBOs, hotels, and AirBnBs, we get to Philly only to have to stay in a hotel for another three weeks. We're hoping to be back in our house this weekend.

It could have been much worse. We could have been asleep in our bed when the ceiling came down. But after being without a real home since July 12th, I really miss sleeping in my own bed! Fingers crossed that all goes as planned for the rest of this week.

At least Emma is comfortable here.

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