Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Thanks to Facebook, I was reminded that three years ago today I completed my first triathlon. It was the Moraga Triathlon. I chose this race specifically because of the pool swim - I wasn't ready to tackle open water yet - and also because my friend Meredith was doing it.

I remember leading up to it how focused I was on training - especially with swimming. I had recently learned to swim specifically to do a triathlon. I was not a good swimmer at.all. But I was determined.

It was a sprint triathlon - 400m swim, 14 mile bike, 5k run. And it turns out that the swim was my favorite part of the day. I guess I had focused so much on the swim that I wasn't adequately prepared for the HILLS on the bike and run course. Ugh - it was tough. But I did it all with a huge smile on my face and crossed the finish line in something like 2:15 and change.

The first one is always the sweetest!
I wound up doing four triathlons that season. FOUR! And as of today, I'm currently not signed up for any this season. To be fair, I've got some things going on that are preventing me from committing to any races right now - but all of that will hopefully be wrapped up in July.

Unfortunately since I'm not signed up for any races, I haven't been doing anything. I have turned into a huge slug. I didn't realize how much I needed these events to motivate me. I guess fear of coming in last is a huge motivator for me!

So I guess I should probably sign up for something to get my mojo back. I'll keep ya posted!

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  1. I was a little sad to see photos of my friends doing the Moraga Tri this weekend. Oh well, don't feel bad - I'm not signed up for a tri either!