Friday, March 25, 2016

The Brain is Pretty Incredible

Monday afternoon I was at work doing my thing to get ready for a big meeting on Tuesday when I received the following text from my mom.

As it turns out, the reason my mom beat the ambulance to the ER is because they told her they were taking him to one hospital but wound up going to another one. After the ER staff was able to help my mom track him down, she called me. They had taken him to the ER that was literally blocks away from my office. Could I run down there so he wasn't alone? Of course! So I ran out of work and headed to the ER while my mom drove in the pouring rain from almost 20 miles away. Let me tell you, I've never felt like such a grown-up in my life.

When I first got there they wouldn't let me see him because they were evaluating him. But after a few minutes I could go be with him. He was awake and alert but confused. And not everything he said made sense. But I could tell that he knew he wasn't making sense. He would get a word wrong, or he would go to say something and you could tell he was searching for the right word. He was able to understand everything I said to him, but there was definitely some confusion on where he was and where my mom was.

After doctor visits, nurse visits, a nurse practitioner visit, and a CAT scan he was finally admitted. And two days later he was home and almost like nothing ever happened. Fortunately it was a minor stroke, he had no paralysis, and he can answer almost anything you ask him correctly. (There where a few funny moments in the hospital - like when he answered that he was 43 years old. This would make him younger than me, and it would make my mom a major cougar!)

After all of the stress, I feel incredibly lucky that I will get to have my dad around for a while longer. It's amazing to me how the brain can be scrambled one day, then correct itself a few days later.

Me and my dad.

If you have a family history of stroke or suspect someone might be having one, here are some things to look for.

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  1. I had no idea! I hope he's feeling better this week.