Monday, August 10, 2015

Love to Move 10k and More

Last Saturday I walked a 10k with a friend. It was organized by a women run event production company and it was fantastic.  From their website:

"Why? It all came down to one simple belief  - when we move, we are moved to love… First to love ourselves and who we are at that very moment and also to love others as they are at that very moment. The key to this, we discovered, is moving our bodies. When a community of women is moving, there is not much that can stop them! So here we are, “Love to Move.” Whether we are walking, swimming, biking, running, hiking, climbing, surfing, building, playing tennis, basketball, softball, hockey, roller derby, skiing, skating or anything else that gets us up and moving, we Love to Move! We know that no matter who you are, where you are or how you love to move, we can help connect you to other women & provide opportunities for you to try something new. "

It was such a wonderful environment, very encouraging and more about just getting out there and doing something for yourself rather than competition.  

This was also a bit of a test for me - to see if my hip could hold up for six miles. I wouldn't say it felt great - things really started to tighten up after about four miles, but I stretched really well afterwards and wasn't in any more pain than my normal hip grumpiness afterwards. But I'm feeling really positive about the entire experience and it opens up some options for other events this winter - especially since triathlon season is almost over.

Getting rabbit ears.
So that was last Saturday, and since then I've done absolutely nothing, nada, sqat that could resemble exercise. I took that Sunday to recover, but then I stayed at my parents house from Sunday through Tuesday to look after my dad. My mom had to go out of town on business and because of his health, my dad really needs someone there to look after him. Because my parents live 25 miles away from me, this totally threw off my schedule and added a lot of extra driving to my week. And since I wasn't sleeping in my own bed and had to get up earlier each day to get to work on time, I didn't even try to workout during those days because I was exhausted. Without going into too much detail, it was incredibly stressful and my mother is a superhero.  But as I watch my dad's health declining further, I wonder how much longer my mom is going to be able to care for him alone in their home. 

Wednesday was my first day back on my normal schedule, and by then I was just wiped out. Thursday and Friday nights I had plans both nights so nothing resembling a workout happened on those days. I was feeling incredibly over-scheduled last week and was mentally just trying to get to Sunday - the day when I finally had nothing planned. I spent a good deal of Saturday walking around Home Depot picking paint, tile, and flooring options for our upcoming bathroom project and spent about an hour pulling weeds. Does that count as exercise? And yesterday I spent the entire day watching the Walking Dead marathon and putting my house back together from a crazy week of running around - laundry, cleaning, going through the huge pile of mail, etc. 

I know I could have done a better job of carving out some time for a workout - mornings before work, a walk at lunchtime. But last week it took all of my mental energy just to get through the week and what I absolutely had to do.

I'm happy to say that I'm feeling much more well rested and have my swim bag ready to go for tonight. And I'm planning on hitting up spin class tomorrow night. But what comes next is still up in the air.

As I've mentioned before, I have a free entry for a triathlon next month. But I'm just not sure if I want to do it. Let me take that back...I know I want to do it, but I'm not sure if I want to train for it. I haven't been on my bike since April and have no desire to ride it. I'd love to be able to go to spin class three times a week, but there is no substitute for time on the road. The ride is only 11 miles so I know I can do the distance even if I only do spin between now and then. But if I do this race, I want to go into it with more than just a "to finish" attitude. 

Race day is still 8 weeks away so I'm going to give it another two weeks or so to decide.

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