Friday, April 24, 2015

Racing in the Rain

Tomorrow is my first triathlon of the season and instead of being nervous for my normal reasons I'm nervous for an entirely new reason - RAIN! We are in the middle of a serious drought, and it is supposed to rain tomorrow - specifically during the time I'll be racing.

I know we need every drop, but it makes me nervous. I've run and swam in the rain plenty of times, but I've never ridden my bike in the rain.  And I'm afraid of crashing.  I've read everything I can about riding in the rain and I've gotten some tips throughout the week - avoid the painted lines, feather your brakes, watch out for oil. But I'm still nervous. This course is hilly and I'm concerned about being able to stop on the downhills.

Fortunately in this case, being a slow triathlete has its advantages!  I'm swimmer #163, which means well over 100 people will be out on the bike before me - some of them might even be back by the time I get out of the pool. I think I can count on it not being very crowded out on the bike course while I'm out there!

Also if riders are coming back and saying it seemed dangerous, I can choose not to ride. I've never quit in the middle of a race before, but I'd rather be safe than worry about finishing. I'm a somewhat confident biker in dry conditions but I am a chicken on the downhills - and that's in dry conditions. So to go out on a hilly course in the rain might not be the best idea for me. I'm just going to see how things unfold tomorrow. For all I know, the rain might hold out until after the race or it might not rain at all. It wouldn't be the first time the weather people got things wrong!

In the meantime, I'm going to stay on top of my hydration today, stay off my feet tonight, and try to fuel well throughout the day.

We'll just call this carbo loading.

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