Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Masters is kicking my butt - but in a good way!  My original plan had been to do masters on Mon & Wed nights, and spin on Tues & Th nights.  But I'm going to need to adjust that plan, at least until I get used to swimming so much.

I'm swimming for twice as long and twice as many yards as I'd been doing on my own.  Truth be told as much as I enjoy swimming, if I'm swimming on my own I would just become bored after about 700 yards or so.  So I'd force myself to get to 1000, then call it a day.  I'm really enjoying the structure of having someone tell me what to do and the variety of the sets.  But damn, I'm exhausted the next day.

So it's - once again - time to draw up/revise the old training plan so I can be sure I'm getting in enough swimming and cycling.  The triathlon that I plan to do in April has some HILLS, so there is no faking it on the bike.

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