Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I Need to Commit

It's already almost mid-February and I don't have any races on my schedule.  In the past, I'd have my year's races planned out by the end of last year.  But this year things just haven't come together...yet.

However, we did get some serious rain this past weekend.  And because of it, two races that were cancelled last year due to lack of water in the reservoir are back ON!  One of them has set a date, and the second one's date is yet to be determined.  But I'm hoping they will post the date soon - and also hoping it will be late May/early June.

I have mentally committed to the Catfish 1 mile swim.  However I haven't signed up yet because I haven't decided if I'm going to do wetsuit or non-wetsuit.

The one thing I have seemed to commit to is training.  I got in some great workouts last week - including two strength training sessions.  My plan is to get in at least two strength workouts each week even if it means I skip something else.  I figure the strength work will benefit all three triathlon disciplines, and if I only get in 1 bike session or 1 walk instead of two per week every once in a while, the strength training should help make up the deficit.  I could be completely wrong on this, but I know the strength work can't hurt!

I've also committed to tracking my food - although this hasn't been going as well as my workouts.  I do well with tracking all week but just don't do it consistently on the weekends.  But I'm making an effort.

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