Friday, January 23, 2015

Never Enough Time

I've been back on the exercise wagon for just about two weeks now and I'm soooooo happy to be back at it.  After the Real Ryder spin class last week, I was sore for days - and I loved it.  It's been so long since I've had that "I really had a good workout" sore feeling.  Since my "comeback" I've swam, I've gone to spin, I've walked, I've played golf, and I've gone to Pilates.  Tomorrow I'm walking a 5k and Sunday I'm playing golf again. I can't believe how long I went without a consistent workout schedule.

And that brings me back to trying to figure out what I want to do this year.  I don't know why I feel this sense of pressure to have dates marked on the calendar with races and events.  I guess because these aren't the type of things that I can just wake up one day and decide to do the next day.  I can't decide on Tuesday that I'm going to do a triathlon on Saturday of the same week.  I mean, theoretically I could. And I have no doubt that I could complete a sprint triathlon tomorrow. But it would be miserable. I would probably finish dead fucking last, and I stand a greater chance of getting injured.

This is how I feel at every race - and a sprint tri takes less than half the time of a round of golf!

At the same time, I am not ready to get back to working out 6 times a week - 2 swims, 2 rides, 2 walks.  I am not ashamed to admit that I enjoyed waking up every weekend morning for the past few months without feeling a sense of obligation.  I didn't have to meet anyone for a bike ride, or rush off to a race, or scarf down a quick breakfast as I drove to spin class.

And I know I've said this before, but I really want to focus on strength training.  I want to be fit and strong.  I figure that will only help my triathlon efforts.  And lately I've been thinking of changing my focus altogether.  Instead of a few short swim/bike/run(walk) events this year, why not a longer swim, a longer bike, and a longer walk.  I still would like to do one or two sprint triathlons, but I'm also considering a 10k or maybe even a half marathon.  I've already got the longer swim planned - Catfish.  Maybe I'll find a metric century to ride. I think it would be easier to focus on just one or two disciplines plus strength training instead of all three plus strength training.

As always, I'm a work in process!

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