Friday, January 2, 2015

Boom! It's 2015

And just like that, we're in a new year.  I purposely didn't do a 2014 recap because it was a year of such mixed emotions for me.  Between my struggle with running (or not running) and the drought, I had a hard time setting goals and planning for races.  But I also had a fun year outside of my fitness pursuits.  My friends and I managed to get together three times to golf together - a record for us trying find a free day for 8 people!  I got to go to Florida to visit my Philly friends.  I became a LEED® Green Associate.  And I got a new car.

So what's in store for 2015?

This.  Just this.
Oh, sure I have some goals for 2015.  I am going to do that 1 mile Catfish swim that I didn't do last year.  I'd like to do two sprint triathlons, but I haven't chosen which ones yet.  The Mermaid triathlon that I do every June has been cancelled this year, so I need to pick a different race.  And I'd like to do an Olympic distance Aquabike this year.

But I'd also like to play more golf.  And I'd like to go see a couple of theater shows.  I want to go to a jazz concert. And I'd like to take Emma to different places. I might even look for a new job.

So I think "Just do shit!" pretty well sums up my plans for 2015.


  1. Sounds like you have some challenging and some fun plans for 2015. Go get it :)