Monday, December 29, 2014

I'm Back...sort of

Happy almost New Year!  It's been quite a month between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

My husband and I have both been sick on and off since Thanksgiving.  I don't know if we keep passing different colds back and forth to each other, or if we've each had one cold that has lingered.  But I can tell you that I ought to buy stock in Kleenex and Nyquil.

I did managed to get in a few workouts last week.  Yesterday was such a beautiful day - if a bit cold -  that I decided to dust off the bike instead of heading to the gym.  It was worth it after feeling stuck inside with the weeks of rain that we've had.  I didn't go far and it wasn't fast, but it was a good step in getting back on the fitness wagon.

Biking selfie!

Beautiful sunshine but cold.
I'm looking forward to finally kicking this cold to the curb and getting back on a regular workout schedule.  This week will be a little more challenging with a Sharks game tomorrow night and limited gym hours Wednesday & Thursday due to the holiday.  But I'll do what I can this week, and hope to get back full force next week.

I'm looking forward to training for some fun events for 2015!

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