Monday, October 13, 2014

It's Not Always Golf and Triathlon

What have I been doing since my last triathlon?  Not much swimming, biking, or run/walking, that's for sure.

I had a week or two after the race where I didn't workout much at all.  This always seems to happen when I finish a race and don't have anything else on the schedule.  However, I did promise myself that I would spend this winter focusing on strength training.  I plan to get 2-3 full body sessions in a week and I've been doing pretty good with that.  I even purchased a Groupon to the new local Pilates studio that just opened, and so far I really like it.  I've taken a couple of the group reformer classes, and as easy as it looks it's really no joke!  They are adding more classes to their schedule at the end of the month and I'm excited because it will give me more options.

Hockey season also started last week, so it is officially my favorite time of the year!  We went to the Sharks home opener on Saturday and even went to the street rally before the game.  And they won which is always a plus.

Sharing my beer with "Jumbo" Joe Thornton.

Dan was out of town for work the entire month of September with only a few quick trips home - mostly to do laundry. And when he finally came home for good, he was on-call for the first week and weekend that he was home.  So any home improvement projects we had planned for late summer are behind schedule.  However we did do a little painting this weekend.


...and after, including an Emma photobomb.
We bought our house about eight years ago and I'm so tired of the bland white walls.  Next up, painting the dining room in time for Thanksgiving.

And finally, my company is offering a reimbursement to any employee who signs up for a 5k during the last quarter of the year.  So I'm doing the Mermaid San Francisco 5k on November 9.  I had been planning on doing it anyway - I do it almost every year along with a few friends.  But it's nice that someone else is paying for it!

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