Monday, October 27, 2014

How Did I Do Last Week?

Time to check in and compare what I planned on doing to what I actually did last week.

Mon - spin class; did not go due to a raging sinus headache
Tues - walk and strength training; went to spin class
Wed - swim; swim
Thurs - strength training; walked
Fri - swim; no workout.  Giants fever took over and I wanted to go home to watch the game.
Sat - no workout, but I will go to Weight Watchers to weigh in; up .4 lbs.
Sun - I'm going to leave this one up in the air for now.  We might be painting our dining room on Sunday which will be a workout in itself.  If we don't, I'll do something else - spin or Pilates, most likely.; spin class

So not really a roaring success.  I only worked out four days out of six planned days, but I did have a chance to reflect on this.  I think from now through the end of the year, if I do get in four solid workouts a week that will be a success.

I'm currently studying for an exam for work which I will take before the end of the year.  So I really need more time to study in the evenings and my workouts are cutting into my study time.  I know in theory I could get up and workout in the mornings.  But until we change the clocks, this just isn't going to happen.  I takes everything in me to be able to get out of bed and walk Emma in the pitch dark as it is.  I just can't force myself to get up any earlier - believe me, I've tried!

We are also hosting Thanksgiving again this year, which means my weekends are becoming filled with house projects - cleaning, painting, repairs.  

So from now through the end of the year, I'm going to focus on studying for my exam and maintaining my weight through the holidays.

So what are my plans for this week?

I will get to spin at least once, hopefully twice.  I will swim twice.  I'll bring my walking shoes to work so I can walk at lunchtime at least once.  And I'll get in some strength training where I can fit it in - if it means squats at my desk or planks in front of the TV at night, that's what I'll do.

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