Friday, August 8, 2014

100th Post - A Race Report

I can't believe this is my 100th post.  Time flies!  It seems appropriate that my 100th post would be a short race report, so here it goes.

Last Monday I somehow acquired a case of race fever.  I haven't done anything event related in a couple of months and I had a sudden urge to do something that was going to result in a t-shirt and a medal.  Since I'm not running, I've also been struggling to get out and hit the streets for a walk.  I prefer to run alone, but apparently if I'm going to walk I'd rather do it with others. Surprisingly, the Brazen Racing Bay Breeze was still open.  Their events usually sell out, so I was happy to be able to sign up.

Start/finish line
I got there early to pick up my race bib and I got to see the Half Marathon & 10k race starts.  While standing around, I got to meet this guy.

Tank - pitbull puppy race ambassador
Meeting Tank and getting puppy kisses made getting up early worth it, no matter what happened in the race.  Shortly after this, it was time to line up.  I stuck towards the back, and we were off.  As I was standing in the corral I suddenly realized that I was hungry.  I'd only had a banana for breakfast and forgot to bring anything else with me.  Luckily, Brazen had the best aid stations and when I hit it I grabbed some water and a cup of peanut M&Ms - fueling like a champ!  Yes, it's possible to eat M&Ms during a 5k if you're walking it.

Since it was only a 5k there isn't much to report.  I walked most of it but threw in some 30 second run intervals in order to pass people and to test out my hip.  The thing that I got most out of this race was a feeling of happiness.  I really, really, really miss running like I used to but I'm starting to make peace with the fact that I just can't.  I went into this race knowing that, so I wasn't frustrated with my ability or jealous of the runners.  I'm grateful that I can at least still walk so I can still enjoy the race experience.

Moving forward!

After the race, I headed to the Muscle Milk tent.  They had set up a stretching area with mats, foam rollers and resistance band.  It was awesome!  I got in some good stretching before I sat in my car and stiffened up.  Brilliant!

I'm thinking in the future I should sign up for all of my races on the spur of the moment!  I had no stress, none of the early morning wake up time regret, and I obviously really wanted to do this since I had only gotten the idea and signed up a few days ahead of time.

Next up, the See Jane Run Triathlon in September!  Unless I decide to sign up for something else in the meantime...

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