Monday, June 2, 2014

Nerves...and Not of Steel

Six days until my first triathlon of the season and the nerves have already set in.  It's not the thought of doing a triathlon that scares me.  It's the swim in the bay.

I've got a number of open water swims under my belt at this point and for whatever reason, I just can't make swimming easily in the pool translate to swimming easily in open water.

I met up with a group yesterday for some more open water swim practice, and it went relatively well.  But it seems to take me so much longer in open water to get warmed up and find my groove.  And with a swim that's only 400 yards, I may never find that comfortable place.  I seem to do much better in lakes than in the bay, and I'm sure it's because I'm not afraid of being eaten alive by sea creatures.

I saw this quote this morning and it really struck a cord with me.

"Don't be afraid of your fears.  They're not there to scare you.  They're there to let you know something is worth it." - C. JoyBell C.

When I was swimming in the lake yesterday, struggling at the start, I actually had thoughts of not doing this triathlon or the Catfish swim.  I was mentally beating myself up for not joining masters like I said I would.  I was wishing I could run so I could switch from the triathlon to the duathlon.  

But I kept on swimming and eventually found my groove.  And I'll be there in the bay on Sunday morning to face my fears.

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  1. Facing and overcoming your fears will only help you as a racer and a person :) Good for you for fighting against your fears!