Monday, June 16, 2014

Catfish Open Water Swim

I did the Catfish Open Water Swim event on Saturday.  This is a local swim race that has been going on for years.  They offer a 500 yard, a 1.2 mile, and a 2.4 mile race.  Since I'm in no way ready to swim a mile in open water, I went for the 500 yard event.

The race is usually held at Chesbro Reservoir but due to the drought it was moved to Quarry Lakes this year.  This actually worked out well for me since I live much closer to Quarry Lakes and I was able to get in a practice swim there a few weeks ago.

There isn't much to say about it.  Show up.  Pick up your packet.  And then swim!  So I'll give you the details in pictures.

I might have been the first person to arrive.  They didn't even have our timing chips yet.

"We have to swim to that first buoy, then turn around." That's me in the sleeveless wetsuit.
Swim in and run through the finish line.
And done!
My favorite race shirt ever!
Next up - See Jane Run Triathlon in September.  I may have to find another event to do between now and then!  Maybe I'll sign up for an Aquabike to keep me motivated.

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