Thursday, May 29, 2014

When We Last Left Off...

I was annoyed about the Mermaid 5k and training for a triathlon and an open water swim.  Those two things haven't changed.  Since then, this is what has happened...

  • I tried to go for an open water swim with Meredith, but we neglected to check to see when low tide was going to occur.  Doh!
Somewhere out there, there is water in the bay.

  • My dad was in the hospital - twice within a week.  Luckily he is home now and doesn't seem much worse for wear.

  • I've played a shit ton of golf and have found my summer golf groove.  I want to play every weekend, both Saturday and Sunday.  If only finances and my aging body would permit!
Lots of baby geese on the golf course.

  • I met with a surgeon about getting my hip fixed and he couldn't help me because I'm not as bad off as I was led to believe.  This is fantastic news!  So I'll be meeting with his associate later in the summer to potentially schedule a fall surgery which will hopefully fix me enough to run again.  I figure I'll wait until fall for surgery since my pain has improved and I don't want to spend my summer recovering from surgery when I could be playing golf and doing triathlon-like things.

  • Received the Bia Sport watch that I'd backed on Kickstarter almost two years ago - and promptly decided that it wasn't worth the wait :(  So I put that baby up for sale and bought myself a Garmin 910xt.  The timing was perfect, as Garmin was having a rare sale so I got a great price and I'll get a $50 rebate.  Anybody want to buy a Bia?
Testing out the new toy.

  • And had a very relaxing Memorial Day weekend.  
So now it's 10 days until the Mermaid Tri and 16 days until Catfish.  There isn't much more I can do at this point to improve the results of either event, so I'm just going to go out there and do the best I can while still having fun.  Until next time...


  1. LOL! Let me know if you actually find someone to buy your Bia! I wear it as a regular watch sometimes.

  2. I've hear pretty poor reviews overall for the Bia which is kind of sad. Loving the new Garmin though!