Monday, May 5, 2014

I Can't Run but I Can Swim

At the beginning of the year, one of my planned events was the Catfish 1.2 mile open water swim at a local reservoir.  But as the months went on with little to no rain, the event was in jeopardy.  The event company said they were working on an alternate location, but since they had moved two of their triathlons to locations with ocean swims I was afraid they were going to do the same with Catfish.

So imagine my happiness when I found out last week that an alternate location had been chosen, and it was the lake where I just did my swim clinic last weekend!

Quarry Lakes

However since months have dragged on without a firm location, I haven't actually been training for a 1.2 mile open water swim.  Oops!  And after that swim clinic, I think 1.2 miles would have been a little too much for me to do at this point.  Lucky for me, they also offer a 500 yard option so I signed up for that today.  And even more lucky for me, my race buddy extraordinaire Meredith has agreed to do this event with me.

The 500 yard swim course.
I'm really excited because I liked the location when I was there last week.  It's close to home, the water seemed clean, and it will be pretty easy for me to get there for a couple of practice swims ahead of time.  I'm glad this event has finally come together, and thanks to a bout of insomnia I was at the pool to work on my swimming early this morning.

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