Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bay Breeze 5K

So far 2014 has been the year of the 5K.  I did another one this past Saturday, the Bay Breeze 5K put on by Brazen Racing. 

I've done this one in the past so I knew it was a flat course - always a plus!  I was really looking forward to it.  I've been pretty consistent with my running lately - at least, as consistent as I can be without further aggravating my temperamental hip - so I thought I could throw down a pretty good time.  Not PR kind of good, but at least an I'm making steady progress kind of good.  So what do I go and do?  On Friday, while lifting a bag of groceries from the shopping cart into the car, I felt a pull in my hip.  Like an 'OUCH, what did I just do?' kind of pull.  I spent the rest of the day taking Aleve, stretching, and trying to find a comfortable position while staying off my hip.

I woke up Saturday morning and felt OK so I thought I was in the clear.  But after sitting in the car for 25 minutes while driving to the race, things had stiffened up and I was in pain again.  I really wasn't sure if I was going to head out, but figured since I was already there I might as well pick up my race packet/tee shirt and walk around a bit to loosen things up.

It seemed to work.  I walked around quite a bit before the race and even took a little warm up jog and things felt OK, so when it was time I lined up to start.  I told myself to just do 1:1 run/walk intervals, and I could always take a DNF (did not finish) if things started to go south.

It turns out I had a pretty good race after all.  I held a very consistent pace throughout.  The first mile was a little slower just because there was a bottleneck shortly after the start.  But once we got moving, I stayed steady throughout.  In fact, the only reason I slowed down for the final short stretch was because the course changes from a paved path to wet grass.

Slow but incredibly steady.

Since I haven't been able to run fast, I've been working on keeping a consistent pace during races.  I usually start out way too fast then blow up at the end because I've got nothing left.  It seems that after six year I'm finally getting the hang of this!

I'm still way off the pace that I was running a few years ago, but since I'm only running two times a week I'll take what I can get.  The fact that I'm running at all after last summer makes me happy!

Happy to even be able to run a 5k!

What?  You didn't think I did a race without Meredith, did you?  She actually did the 10K.  Awesomeness!

Official time:  42:30.

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  1. Awesome job! So glad you decided to give a shot! We seriously need to plan out next event together, it feels weird not having one on the books!