Monday, January 13, 2014

In the Words of LL Cool J...

"Don't call it a comeback.  I been here for years."  OK, so maybe I'm being a little over-dramatic, but I did the Foster City 5K yesterday and it felt a little like a comeback.

"Momma Said Knock You Out"
I've been battling my hip injury since August and had to walk the entire run portion of the See Jane Run Tri in October and the entire Mermaid 5K in November.  In fact, I was getting so frustrated with the situation that when I got home from the Mermaid 5K and my husband asked me how it went, I burst into tears.

But there were no tears yesterday!  I've been having ART (Active Release Technique) treatments since November, and while I'm still not 100%, I'm feeling good enough to do some running intervals, so I was excited to see how this 5K would pan out.

When my friend Meredith posted on Facebook saying she had a discount code to this race, how could I say no?  It was literally 10 minutes from my house, and with an 8:30 start time I didn't even need an alarm clock.  All races should be this convenient.

I arrived around 7:45 and found Meredith.  We sat in her car to keep warm until just after 8:00, then headed over to the venue - right near the community center, which was open, which meant real bathrooms and no porta-potties.  (The little things that make a runner/triathlete happy!)  I had already picked up my packet on Saturday, so I took a short warm up walk/run and we lined up.

They said that 500 people had signed up for this event but it didn't seem like that many to me.  There was also a 10 miler heading out, so they asked the 10 milers to line up in the front and those of us doing the 5K moved to the back.  They gave a 10 second countdown and we were off!

I planned to do 3 minute run/1 minute walk intervals.  It was perfect running weather - not hot, but I didn't need gloves or a jacket.  It was an out and back course that was mostly flat with the exception of a portion where we had to go up and over a freeway overpass.  I wasn't fast by any stretch of the imagination, but I did pass all of the walkers who had started ahead of me.  Mental victory!  And I was running, which made me so incredibly happy.

My only complaint about the entire event - and it's a very minor complaint - was what I'd like to call the "Finish Line Fake Out."  As I turned the final corner and headed about two blocks towards the finish line, I thought this course was going to be very short.  I could see the finish line and hadn't even gone close to three miles yet.  And as I watched the people ahead of me, I realized that they were running past the finish line arch.  What???  Yes, we had to run PAST the finish line and continue for a bit before turning around to head back to the finish in order to make the course a full 5K.  I'm glad I still had a little gas in the tank!

Overall it was a fun morning.  The race was well organized.  The shirts were nice.  They even gave out beer at the finish!  Although since it was just after 9 am and I hadn't even had breakfast at this point, I decided to pass on the beer.  But the best part was that I RAN this race!  I was slow, but I was running, and it just felt so normal.  So maybe I am on the verge of a comeback after all...

Happy runners after the race!

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