Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Plans and Goals. Goals and Plans.

It's already past the halfway point in December and I can't believe that I haven't come up with a plan for next year.  Last year I was so excited to get started in triathlon, I was planning my races and reading everything I could get my hands on regarding the sport.

Now that I've met my goal of becoming a triathlete (did I really do 4 tri's this year?), I'm having trouble deciding what races to do next year.  Do I do the same events and try to beat my time?  Do I try different events to get a feel for different conditions/venues? Do I go up in distance and shoot for an Olympic distance triathlon?  And what about a half marathon?

Some triathlons I'm considering - I will most likely choose 2-3:

Silicon Valley Super Sprint (April) - really short course; a good "warm up" tri to kick off the season

Moraga Triathlon (April) - I really like the pool swim and I'd be much better prepared for those bike hills

Mermaid Alameda (June) - another repeat of last year with a goal to SMASH my swim time

California Sprint Triathlon (June) - same location as the Tri for Fun and See Jane Run from 2013

Oakland Triathlon (August) - an inaugural event so this would be interesting

See Jane Run Triathlon (September) - revenge on that bike course and the flat tire!

Some half marathons I'm considering - I will only do 1 of these:

Mermaid Series East Bay (May) - close to home and not too hot yet

See Jane Run (June) - I'm familiar with the location

OktoberRun Redwood City (October) - Can't get any closer to home than this one!

San Jose Rock & Roll (October) - I've always wanted to do this one

Morgan Hill Half Marathon (October) - I've done this one so I know what to expect.

The thing that is making this all the more complicated is that I have a free race entry to a See Jane Run event for 2014 - so I can either do the half in June or the tri in October.  I only wish the dates of the events were swapped, as I'd rather do a June tri and an October half marathon!

But there is one event that I haven't even mentioned that I do have my eye on for next year.  I am going to do the Catfish Open Water Swim in June.  There is a choice of 500 yard, 1.2 mile, or 2.4 mile swims, and I'm planning to do the 1.2 mile swim.  And since I'm putting this out there, I'm really going to have to keep my word to myself and get to Masters swim next month!


  1. Catfish is an AWESOME low key fun swim - you will love it!

  2. I thought about doing the Oakland Tri as well until I saw that getting to transition included running over the train tracks after the swim :)