Friday, September 20, 2013

And the Beat Goes On

Or the training goes on.  Or maybe it's both since I tend to listen to music while I train.  Anyway, we're down to less than two weeks until my last triathlon of my first triathlon season...and my excitement has returned!

I celebrated my birthday this week, and my husband took so much time to pick out the perfect gift for me.  He bought me a pair of triathlon bike shoes.  They are so light and comfortable, and they even match my bike.  Unfortunately he didn't understand the difference in cleat compatibility, so they are going to have to go back.  But I was really touched by how much time he put into searching for the perfect gift.  I think he's more upset than I am that I can't use these shoes.

Physical therapy is going well.  I've been incredibly diligent with my stretching exercises and really feel like it's making a difference.  I still haven't run in almost a month, but I think it might be time to test things out.

So...tomorrow I'm going to do a little bike/run (or walk) brick.  I'm thinking to heading for the gym for spin class and following it up with some time on the track.  My gym is on a college campus and I finally took the time to find the track last week.

Newly redone track!
I couldn't get over the view - if I had known I would have been doing track workouts on a regular basis.


  1. I was just wondering how the physical therapy was going. Don't feel bad i haven't been on the bike in weeks per my PT. It should be interesting!

    That's an amazing view!

  2. That's a really great view! Happy Belated Birthday! My husband was very thoughtful for my birthday a few weeks ago too. He bought me an amazing bag for all my triathlon gear. I LOVE it!