Monday, August 12, 2013

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I had nine days off from work, and it was absolute heaven!  I had so much fun and relaxation, only pictures can accurately describe it.

I played in a golf tournament with friends and we all wore farm animal shirts.

Rooster, pig, goat, cow.

I went to the mountains. 

Approaching Lake Tahoe - one of my favorite places!

I spent a lot of time in this yard.

A hot tub and a hammock - what more could one ask for?

I played some more golf with this guy - 36 holes in one day!

Look at those mountains in the background.

I met the local golf dog.

Ruff life.

When we got back from the mountains, we decided to head to the beach.

I rode that roller coaster twice!
Now vacation is over and it's back to my regular routine.  But it's OK.  Life is good!


  1. Thanks for posting the picture of you guys in the farm shirts! I can't even pick which one I would want to wear because they're all so much better when they're together! That's so awesome :) It must be fantastic to have a group of friends like that!!! I'm running a race with two friends in tutus in early September and I'm pretty excited about it. Crazy becomes cool when you have company :) (not that your shirts are crazy, they're just awesome, tutus kind of are, though)

    1. Ha! I love that phrase. "Crazy becomes cool when you have company!"

  2. Nice vacation!!! A little of both of the best sides of CA :)