Monday, July 29, 2013

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I played in a golf tournament with my friend on Thursday & Friday last week.  She is a member of a country club and they have an annual ladies member/guest tournament.  This is the third year she has invited me to play on her team as her guest, and we had a great time.

They really spoil us rotten at this tournament.  Hot breakfast and lunch each day.  Snacks in your cart.  People driving around handing out mimosas or wine, smoothies, goodie bags with cookies baked fresh at the club that very morning.

We received a gift each day at lunch.  The first day it was a Geneva watch.  The second day it was a golf jacket.

And although we weren't the actual winners, we did turn in the 2nd best net score in our flight so we each received a platter as our trophy.

My first ever golf award.
We were also able to wager on the teams and I decided to put $20 on our team to win or place.  If I'm not willing to bet on my own team, who else would?  Turns out I doubled my money with my little wager.  We had a really great time and I'm so glad I was able to play in this event.

And speaking of golf tournaments, I'm playing in another one this Saturday.  It's sponsored by a local bar, and my girlfriends and I have been playing in it for years.  We never have a chance to win because they don't have a category for women's teams - just the overall low score, which always turns out to be a group of big hitting men.  My husband's team actually won a few years ago.

Since we know there is no chance of us winning, we just go out and try to have as much fun as legally possible.  That usually involves matching outfits.  This year we're going with a farm animal theme.

I get to be the rooster.
I'm looking forward to another day on the course with my friends.  A bad day of golf is still a day of golf!


  1. I hope you're not kidding about the animal t-shirts because THAT IS HILARIOUS and I love it.

    1. Nope, not kidding. The other three ladies will be a pig, a goat, and a cow. We crack ourselves up! I'm sure there will be pictures next week.

    2. I will check back! This is the kind of stuff life is made of.