Monday, July 29, 2013

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I played in a golf tournament with my friend on Thursday & Friday last week.  She is a member of a country club and they have an annual ladies member/guest tournament.  This is the third year she has invited me to play on her team as her guest, and we had a great time.

They really spoil us rotten at this tournament.  Hot breakfast and lunch each day.  Snacks in your cart.  People driving around handing out mimosas or wine, smoothies, goodie bags with cookies baked fresh at the club that very morning.

We received a gift each day at lunch.  The first day it was a Geneva watch.  The second day it was a golf jacket.

And although we weren't the actual winners, we did turn in the 2nd best net score in our flight so we each received a platter as our trophy.

My first ever golf award.
We were also able to wager on the teams and I decided to put $20 on our team to win or place.  If I'm not willing to bet on my own team, who else would?  Turns out I doubled my money with my little wager.  We had a really great time and I'm so glad I was able to play in this event.

And speaking of golf tournaments, I'm playing in another one this Saturday.  It's sponsored by a local bar, and my girlfriends and I have been playing in it for years.  We never have a chance to win because they don't have a category for women's teams - just the overall low score, which always turns out to be a group of big hitting men.  My husband's team actually won a few years ago.

Since we know there is no chance of us winning, we just go out and try to have as much fun as legally possible.  That usually involves matching outfits.  This year we're going with a farm animal theme.

I get to be the rooster.
I'm looking forward to another day on the course with my friends.  A bad day of golf is still a day of golf!

Monday, July 22, 2013

And Training Is Under Way

I'm already into the second week of training for the See Jane Run triathlon and I'm feeling good.  With the help of some creative scheduling, I've managed to hit all of my swim/bike/run workouts, plus I've added in some strength training for good measure.

My motto for the training for this race is "Progress, not perfection."  In the past, I've been known to focus so much on hitting the exact time/mileage that it would stress me out.  By the time I got to the actual event, things weren't even fun anymore.  I have promised myself that I will not let that happen this time around.

Luckily it's early enough in my training that none of my workouts are even an hour long yet.  Because of this, I'm able to squeeze in a short run before heading out to play golf on the weekend.  Or I can move things around and get my longer weekend bike or run done on a weekday even with work, and do the shorter one on the weekend.  This week I'm doing short double workouts on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday because I'm playing in a golf tournament on Thursday & Friday.

Balance!  It's the thing that I think I was usually missing in the past.  I'm really enjoying triathlon and all of the training that goes into it, but I'm not going to sacrifice a round of golf or a dinner out with friends because I'm worried about how it will affect my training.

And speaking of golf, I had a fantastic time playing golf with seven of my friends on Saturday.  Girls golf outings are the best.  We joked and laughed and had such a great time.  There were so many deer on this course, I could not believe it.

A few youngsters in the fairway.
Who is that under the tree?
A closer look...just a baby resting in the shade.
We had the perfect weather for golf and it was good for my spirit to hang out with friends and do something active.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Random Ramblings

I haven't been good with blogging this summer, but that doesn't mean I haven't had anything going on.

  • Dan & I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary on July 4th by riding our bikes to the local parade.  I've lived in this area for over 20 years and have never gone to the parade.  
I realized when I got home that every picture I took has this pink umbrella in it.

  • The following day we continued the celebration by playing golf at one of our favorite courses located right on the ocean.
How can you beat this view?

  • Training for the See Jane Run triathlon has started and I have managed to get in three workouts before work this week.  This is a record for me!  I usually have good intentions but wind up hitting the snooze and working out after work instead.
  • I'm playing in two golf tournaments in the next three weeks - one at a very nice place, and the other at a not-so-nice course.  But it's golf with girlfriends, and the company is way more important than the course.
  • I've got a vacation coming up - heading to one of my favorite places for some major relaxation.
And that's all I've got for now...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Crossfit and Tri Training

I came across an Amazon Local offer yesterday that I just could not refuse -  six Crossfit Fundamentals classes for $39.  For anyone unfamiliar with Crossfit, the best way I can describe it is a combination of weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardio conditioning.  From what I've seen, it looks pretty intense - so intense that you have to take the Fundamentals classes before they will even let you participate in the regular workouts.

I've always wanted to try it, so when this deal showed up in my mailbox I couldn't pass it up.  When signing up, they offered session dates and you could choose when you wanted to attend.  I knew that if I put it off, there would always be something else going on that would seem more important than cashing in my coupon so I went ahead and booked my sessions starting on August 12.

Since my training plan for the See Jane Run Triathlon in October starts tomorrow (already?), I'm going to tie my Crossfit sessions into my training.  Whenever I am training for an endurance event - whether a half marathon, a duathlon, or a tri - my strength training always seems to go out the window.  I really don't want that to happen for this event.  I know I'll have a much better race if I'm stronger, and my wonky hip will be happier if I'm stronger.

In the weeks since the Mermaid Tri, I've gotten back to formal strength training sessions on a more regular basis.  So now I've just got to continue with it throughout the tri training.  And I think these Crossfit sessions just might be the added motivation I need.  I don't want to show up and be the girl who couldn't do any of the exercises, so I'm going to work on getting stronger so I can get stronger.  Nothing like the fear of public humiliation as a motivator!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sharks Fitness Faceoff Bike Ride

Yesterday my friend Sara & I participated in the inaugural San Jose Sharks Fitness Faceoff.  This was an event put on by the Sharks Foundation.  The Sharks Foundation was started by the San Jose Sharks as a way to give back to the community.

"The Sharks Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the lives of youth and families in our community with an emphasis in the areas of Education, Health and Safety, and Character Development. The Sharks Foundation supplies emergency aid when appropriate, executes unique and relevant programming, supports the advancement of youth hockey and provides financial support and resources to organizations that enrich the lives of those in need."

The Fitness Faceoff consisted of a 5k run, a 10k run, a 21 mile bike ride, or a 53 mile bike ride.  Sara and I chose the 21 mile bike ride.

Getting a head chomp from Sharkie.
It was rumored that my all time favorite Shark and the best Sharks Captain in the team's history was going to be there.  Owen Nolan was supposed to be riding the 53 mile route, but that was a little too long and steep of a ride for my legs.  But I was still hoping to get to see him.

Badass hockey player!
We were counted down by Dan Rusanowski - the Sharks radio play-by-play announcer - and then we were off.  
Sara & I ready to roll.

We stopped at the rest stop at mile 9 because it was damn hot out and we wanted to refill our water bottles.  And we were lucky to fall in with this bike when we started out again.

Sharks bicycle
This couple was riding at our pace - party pace! - and had a radio on their bike, so we had tunes for the second half of the ride.  

It was fun day event, even if it was blazing hot at 8:00 in the morning.  And for a first time event, they did a great job - very well organized, plenty of water and snacks at the rest stop and at the finish.  I would consider doing it again - maybe next year I'll be ready to tackle the 50 mile ride.  But best of all, they had the best finishers medal I've ever received.

Coolest medal ever!
Oh, and it turns out I did manage to run into Owen Nolan after all so of course I had to get a picture with him. 

Me and my hockey hero.