Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Where Did My Mojo Go?

It's less than two weeks until my first triathlon with an open water swim, and can I just say that I'm feeling a bit unprepared?  I don't know what it is about the open water, but I just feel like it's such a struggle for me.  OK, I do know what it is...it's the fear of being eaten by a shark or having an encounter with some other sea creature.  (Yes, I am completely serious!)  I have discovered that I really love to swim in a pool, but that love just doesn't translate to the Bay.  The few open water swims I have done have gone less than stellar, and I'm afraid that I am going to freak out and have to be pulled from the race by the safety swimmers.

Does anyone remember Sigmund the Sea Monster?
Anyway, I've spent so much time focused on my swimming over the past couple of weeks that my other workouts have been lacking.  I keep thinking I have more time, but I realized yesterday that this week is really *it*.  Next week will be a taper week so my workouts will be shorter.

I know I can cover the distances, and the bike and run will be flat...but I think I've taken that fact for granted and have been less than diligent with my training.  OK, I'll confess that I haven't even followed a training plan!  I just focused on swimming three times a week, and I'd run and bike on the other days depending on what I felt like doing.  That plan doesn't work out so well, it turns out.  Seems like most weeks I've swam 2-3 times, run once and biked once.  Bad triathlete!  (On the plus side, I've got in quite a bit of golf lately - and golf makes me very happy.)

I think it had to do with going straight from training for one event (Moraga) directly into training for another without a break - training burnout coupled with overconfidence...I will be happy just to cross the finish line at the Mermaid Tri.  But you know what?  I'm OK with that.  I do these events for fun.  (Well, except for the sheer open water terror!) I do these events because I love the atmosphere.  I do them to keep from becoming a huge couch potato. And I do them to challenge myself not just physically, but mentally.  The fact that I'm even willing to do this swim is a huge accomplishment in my book!

This year is all about just getting my feet wet in the world of triathlon...learning if I can even do it (I can!), seeing if I enjoy it (I do!), but also seeing how much time I'm willing to commit to it.  At this point, I think I've struck a pretty good balance.

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  1. When in doubt, just keep swimming. Getting pulled is not an option and while it may sometimes feel like drowning would be easier…it does get better. It doesn't have to be fast, it just has to get done. Then the rest of the race feels like a relief!