Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Never Satisfied

It seems that whenever I sign up for an event, after a few weeks of training I suddenly want to be doing something else.  When I was training for my half marathon last spring, all I could think of were the spin classes I didn't have time for.  Now that I’m training for a cycling event, I want to get outside to run more often. 

Add to the metric century training the fact that I’m also training for my first triathlon, and suddenly the only thing I really want to do is strength training.  I was spinning away on my bike last night at the gym, enviously watching the circuit training class that was going on just a few feet away from me.  Let’s face it…triathlon training is so cardio heavy.  Swim, bike, run, repeat.  What I’m really longing for are muscles so sore, it makes getting off the toilet a challenge.

Don’t get me wrong…I am still doing some strength training.  But I’m keeping it on the lighter side, otherwise I’m too sore to get in my “real” workouts – the swimming, biking, and running.  And being time crunched, when I have to cut something from my schedule due to lack of time, I’ll drop a strength session before I’ll drop a swim. 

Maybe I’m in cardio burnout mode.  Maybe I have training ADD.  I guess what I’m really trying to do is figure out what I’m going to do after April.  

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  1. What I have found is that multi-sport training is really hard. Getting in 2 swims, 2 runs and 2 bike rides a week is really hard. Swimming 2x a week I know is not enough for a new swimmer like myself, but it's all I can commit to. And yes, I feel like I'm, neglecting my run, it's hard to make ti all work. Can you throw in a short strength session after spin class? I realized as I walked out of the gym today after my swim and I was longingly looking at the TRX, that next Thursday I could easily swim, clean up and do a 15 minute session on the TRX (I do it barefoot anyway, so I wouldn't need to bring extra shoes.) If I don't tie it in to something else, it's so hard for me to get the strength in. But it's so important!