Monday, January 28, 2013

What a Weekend

This weekend was probably one of the busiest weekends I can remember in a long time.  It started out on Saturday morning, bright and early, with my first Cinderella Training Ride.  The Cinderella Classic is an all women's bike ride put on by one of the local cycling clubs.  There is a choice of the 65 or 95 miles.  I signed up to do the training for the 65 mile ride with another local bike club, and Saturday was our first ride.  We started with a nice, flat 15 miles this weekend and will progress each week to longer and more challenging rides - and hopefully more scenic!

Coffee stop at the halfway point
I wrapped up the ride and got home in just enough time to shower, change, and head out to a Sharks game.
Drop the puck!

Dan & I split season tickets with another couple so this was our first game.  The Sharks are off to an incredible start (5-0) and this game was no disappointment.  I'm so excited that they settled the lockout and hockey is back.  It was great to be back at The Shark Tank cheering on my favorite sports team.

After hockey, it was home to change again and head out to Dan's company holiday party.  Yes, they have their party in January.  I actually like it this way because there are already so many other things going on in December, it's nice to have something to look forward to after the holidays.  It was a fun party - good food, good company, a fun time.

We were supposed to play golf on Sunday morning, but after running around all day on Saturday we decided to sleep in instead.  I was happy for the change of plans.  It allowed me to get in a leisurely three mile run on a beautiful Sunday morning instead.  I feel like I haven't done much running at all since the new year has started, so it was nice to get out on such a great morning.  It was perfect running weather - sunny but not hot, no wind, awesome!

It was such a great weekend that left me so exhausted, I went to bed at 8:00 last night.  Now I've got my workouts planned and I'm ready to tackle another week!

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