Thursday, January 24, 2013

They can't all be good ones...

I've been having such a hard time getting back on track with my workouts after being sick for almost two weeks.  Truth be told, I kind of enjoyed coming home from work every night and not having to do anything.  The couch is very inviting.

So I decided to enlist the help of a friend.  My friend and I belong to the same gym, and she likes to spin.  I texted her yesterday morning to see if she wanted to go last night, but she was working late and couldn't make it in time.

Luckily, I had a backup plan.  I had packed my swim gear just in case she didn't want to spin.  I got out of work and headed straight to the pool.  After changing into my suit, I headed out to the deck and it was a madhouse.  The smaller (warmer!) pool was packed - kids swim team practice in three lanes, a couple of full lap swimming lanes, and two lanes of kids swim lessons.  Drat!  But I'd come this far - I was going to swim.

There were plenty of lanes available in the olympic (colder!) pool, so I picked one and braced myself for the chill.  I jumped in, and I felt something like this.

Only polar bears should swim in cold water.
The lifeguards at my pool are great.  When one of them saw my hesitation to jump in, he told me he'd let me know if a lane opened up in the smaller pool.  After about 100 yards, the kids swim team finished up and I was able to move over to the warm pool.

But don't think it was all rosy after that.  My goggles leaked the entire time.  And at one point I managed to inhale water and started choking.  It took me a few minutes to compose myself enough to swim again, but I never felt good after that point.  I only managed about 425 yards before I decided to call it a night.  But I got there, I got in the pool, and I feel like I'm ready to get back on a regular workout schedule.

Sometimes we need a really horrible workout to make us really appreciate the good ones.

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  1. I started swimming with these

    They don't leak at all. Sometimes they fog up after 400-500 yards, but I still really like them.