Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'm Baaaack!

I have spent almost two weeks battling that awful cold that was going around.  Once I got past the general exhaustion and stuffiness, I was left with a nagging cough that was keeping me up at night.  But this week I'm feeling human again, and I'm so happy and anxious to get back to a regular workout schedule.  I went to spin class last night and it felt so good to break a sweat.

I think it's going to be tough to meet my goal of swimming 12 times in January since I've only been there once so far this month.  But I've got my bag packed and I'm hitting the pool tonight.

I start training for the Cinderella ride this weekend, so I'm excited and nervous about that.  Am I really going to be able to ride over 60 miles on my bike?

I saw my running shoes still caked in mud sitting in the garage this morning.  I made a mental note to clean them off when I get home tonight.  I want to be able to just go for a run tomorrow.  My Garmin is charged.  I'm ready!

And finally, I am so freaking excited that hockey is back, I can hardly think straight!  The regular season starts on Saturday and the Sharks play their first game on Sunday night.  I'm really looking forward to next week when the Sharks open up at home.  CAN.NOT.WAIT!

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