Sunday, October 14, 2012


I'm having a little trouble with my workout consistency lately.  I think it's partially because I'm not really training for anything, and partially because I'm trying to do so many things - swim, bike, run, golf, strength training.  Where do I find the time to do it all?

Tonight I'm going to write out a schedule for the upcoming week, and it might actually include some morning workouts.  *gulp* Now I'm not opposed to morning workouts.  In fact, I prefer them.  But ever since I started working at a job where I have to be at work at 7:30 am, workouts have been officially pushed to the evenings.  But in order to fit in everything I want to do, I think I'm going to need to have a couple of double workout days each week.  I can get up a little early twice a week, right?  Right???

On a happier topic, yesterday was a golf day.  It was perfect weather and great company.

Our weapons

We played at one of my favorite courses.  Don't ask me about my score.  It was not my best round.  But a bad round of golf is still good.

That Bloody Mary was purely medicinal.

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