Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Out with the old...

I have not run a single step since the duathlon.  I wanted to run on Monday and I wanted to run last night.  But we've been in a bit of a heat wave.  Here's how it looked when I got home from work yesterday.

Really, really hot - especially for October!

So no...I wasn't going to run in that.  But today it cooled off and I was so excited to get home from work and get out there.  I've got a few new things that I've been waiting to try out.

So today was out with the old.

Notice the size of the iPod.

That is my iPod classic that I bought when I started running about five years ago.  I loved it at the time, but it  is so big and heavy and hot.  And those shoes have quite a few miles on them.

And in with the new.

New kicks and a new iPod.
My parents got me an iPod Shuffle for my birthday.  Wow, is it small!  The new running shoes I bought myself but hadn't even taken them out of the box until today.

New shoes on and ready to head out.
I never realize how much I need new running shoes until I actually put them on - like little pillows for my feet.

So did having a smaller, lighter iPod and new running shoes make me run faster tonight.  You bet they did!

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