Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Gift of Taper

Yesterday was my birthday and with my race coming up this Saturday, taper is one of the greatest gifts I could have received!  I have been so consistent with following my training plan – more so than for any previous race I’ve done – and by Sunday afternoon this weekend I felt like I had hit.the.wall.
It probably didn’t help that I threw in a round of golf – walking in 90 degree heat – this weekend on top of the training.  But it was my birthday weekend.  You bet I was going to play golf.  (Note to self:  next time it’s 90 degrees and you have a big training weekend, get a cart!)
But I muddled through it all.  I even drove up to San Francisco on Sunday to pick up my race packet since it was the most convenient pickup location for me.

So now, I am officially into taper week.  Today is a rest day, and all I had on the schedule last night was a 20 minute run – which I did, even though I came home from work and found this sitting on my doorstep.

My friends picked the perfect gift!
I'll admit, I did have one when I got back from my run - how could I not after my friends went through so much trouble to deliver this gift to me?

So now, only two more workouts stand between me and my duathlon on Saturday.  I'm getting excited and nervous all at the same time.

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  1. You did awesome today! Can not wait to read your RR and to do our next race together!